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Farewell Folkestone Methodist Church

   Moving on to a larger venue, we will treasure the happy memories of the lovely people at Folkestone Methodist Church - who have hosted Folkestone Singing for Health since 2012.

Sonia says it all in song titles; As we lift a Parting Glass to the Methodist Church and say that Those Were The Days, we look forward to Walking In The Air, All Through The Night, where A Nightingale Sang, ready for an Oh, What A Beautiful Morning. All I Ask Of You is that you Haul Away Joe and remember to Close Every Door, knowing that You’ll Never Walk Alone along our Lullaby of Broadway. If you’re tempted to Fling It Here and fight the Battle of Jericho instead, be warned that we could set the British Grenadiers on you, and they just might John Kanaka up your Panis Angelicus. So, on that happy note, I bid you Hallow’s Eve, and will be off with Those Magnificent Men to wipe my nose on my Greensleeves.”

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