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Please read the COVID safety information below before attending a singing session - thank you.


To manage and minimise the risk from COVID-19, we have undertaken a thorough risk assessment, guided by information from Making Music and in consultation with the Harbour Church.


Our priority is the safety of all our members, many of whom live with health conditions that mean they are extremely vulnerable to infection generally, let alone the COVID-19 virus. 

Therefore, we have adopted the following rules:

ENTRY TO THE SESSION: please follow the instructions from committee members at the door. We enjoy a large membership, and some 'crowd control' will be necessary on arrival!

MASKS: these are no longer a requirement, but members are free to wear one if they wish.

SEATING: there is no restriction on seating, and you are welcome to sit as close to or apart from others as you prefer. There is plenty of room, so if you are more comfortable sitting separately from the main aisle, please feel free to sit to the side.

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